• २० असार २०७९, सोमबार
  •      Mon Jul 4 2022

Country should be put in centre: DPM Singh

Kathmandu, Sept 19: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Development Prakash Man Singh has said that only honest and decent persons can get established in politics.

Speaking at a programme organized in the capital by the Press Union today, on the occasion of the Ganesh Man Memorial Day today, DPM Singh said that only a clean and decent leader who has a far sighted vision and keeps the people in centre would be popular.

On the occasion, senior journalists pointed out the need of following the path shown by  the veteran democracy fighter Ganesh Man Singh.

Senior journalists urged leaders to become national leaders rather the leaders of factions and sub-factions in the party.

Senior journalist Harihar Birahi urged leader to be courageous and do benevolent and responsible politics.

Similarly, journalist Purushottam Dahal said that leaders should orient the cadres rather deviating them in groupism as the victory and defeat are the ornaments of democracy.

Journalist Kul Chandra Wagle said that the sacrifice, penance and courage of late leader Singh could be never forgotten.

Likewise, journalist Taranath Dahal said that Nepali people could never forget the personality and contribution of the late leader Ganesh Man Singh as well as his democratic ideals.

Similarly, journalists Kiran Pokharel, Shiva Lamsal, Poshan KC, Tej Prakash Pundit, Badri Sigdel have praised the contribution of late leader Singh.