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  •      Thu Sep 21 2023
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★   सरकार र आन्दोलनरत शिक्षकबीचको दोस्रो वार्ता निष्कर्षविहीन ★   पूर्व कुमारी, गणेश र भैरवलाई श्रीपद भत्ता प्रदान ★   नेपाल पाकिस्तानसँग पराजित ★   गोपालदास पत्रकारिता पुरस्कार शर्मालाई ★   प्रधान सेनापति आइतबार नयाँ दिल्ली जानुुहुँदै ★   साउन र भदौमा पाँच अर्ब ४३ करोडको विद्युत् निर्यात ★   शिक्षक आन्दोलनले बानेश्वरको दुवो माडिएपछि बालेनको व्यङ्ग्य– ‘नटिप्नु हेर कोपिला, नचुँड्नु पाप लाग्दछ’ ★   श्रम आप्रवासनका सवाल सम्बोधन गर्न सरकारको ४७ बुँदे निर्णय ★   सरकारको तर्फबाट गृहमन्त्रीले शिक्षकसँग वार्ता गर्ने, दोस्रो चरणको छलफल आजै बेलुका हुने ★   मानवताले जलवायुमा नरकको ढोका खोलेको छ: गुटेरेस

Nepal- Bangladesh Tourism Promotion Programme pushes for ‘regional travel’ concept

Kathmandu, The PATA Nepal Chapter has concluded the 'Nepal-Bangladesh Tourism Promotion & B2B Exchange' programme, on Sunday. The programme organized in collaboration with the PATA Bangladesh Chapter, had began from November 16.

It was as the post-pandemic tourism recovery effort to help in promoting each other's destinations through mutual tie-ups and collaboration for both inbound and outbound tourism between the two neighboring nations. 

PATA Nepal Chapter, with the support of its member and partner organisations, hosted the PATA Bangladesh Delegation of 17 members; including the Deputy Director and Secretary of Bangladesh Tourism Board, Chairman and Secretary-General of PATA Bangladesh, 10 tour operators, two mediapersons and two students from PATA Bangladesh Dhaka University Student Chapter.

The exchange programme included the familiarization visit to Pokhara for Bangladeshi delegates including a "Tourism Networking and Interaction Session" organised in collaboration with Pokhara Tourism Council and NTB Pokhara in Pokhara.

The formal function and B2B session held on November 20 at Park Village Resort included the presentations on destination insights and business meetings and networking between 12 Bangladeshi tour operators and 14 Nepali tour operators and tourism service providers.

PATA Nepal Chairman, Bibhuti Chand Thakur during the programme emphasised the immediate focus to embrace the promotion of "regional travel", as an action plan, for reviving tourism which would be the most appropriate and convenient for travellers and destination management organisations or service providers.

During the function, Shahi Hamid, Chairman of PATA Bangladesh said that he got fascinated with the warm hospitality of Nepal, and there are many attractive tourism products and services in Nepal to attract many Bangladeshi travellers. He said that Nepal used to welcome about 26 thousand Bangladeshis yearly before the pandemic and this can be easily penetrated double with effective promotion and marketing initiatives.

Yadav Koirala, Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, expressed his thanks to PATA Chapters of Nepal and Bangladesh for undertaking the needful and timely initiative to promote regional tourism.He recommended that Nepal needs to enhance its collaborative marketing and promotional events, organise FAM Trips, improve infrastructures (especially road connectivity), and develop extended tour packages for the tourists to Bangladesh and Nepal to flourish tourism in both countries. 

He further assured that the Ministry of Tourism shall facilitate the necessary cooperation and support at the government level to increase the tourism engagements between Nepal and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Tourism Board, along with PATA Bangladesh Chapter, has extended an invitation and will be hosting Nepali counterparts in Bangladesh soon to further explore exchange and expand the mutual prospects of tourism development between both countries.RSS